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Monday, 29 November 2010


There are some situations we really don’t want to end – because we are enjoying them so much; our pleasure quotient is high.

In these situations we rarely think about any time but the present. We exist in now and revel in pleasure. There is no hint of thinking about an end to these occasions.

There are, however, some situations we can’t wait to be over – we abhor every passing moment; our experience of pain is immense.

In these situations we just want the end to come, and to come quickly. We want the hurt to stop. It may be hard to believe that anything will change when you are present in the pain, but we just have to wait, for a while, and the end will come. We will then be blessed with the wonder of some new situation.

Everything will have an end; the good things will pass, as will the bad things ... even time will end.

Endings come all the time.

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