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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Short selling and cheerleading

I think that each time we try something new we go through an initiation routine. We are constantly capable of learning and always gain valuable experiences but we are also so good at selling ourselves short. So often we can see the talent, skill and great personality of any other person, but when it comes to ourselves, we become blind, dumb and deaf to our abilities.

When you value something you look after it. When you value yourself you treat yourself well.

I have decided to become my own cheerleader because I have been guilty of short-selling myself to myself.

I will, from this day forward, give myself credit where it is deserved. I will remember the things I have learned, the things I have experiences and the feats I have accomplished.

Rah rah!


Wendy Greene said...

Nice post.. a reminder for us to be kinder to ourselves. I think we as women tend to be the hardest on ourselves.. thank you.

P.D. Gourlais said...

I need this kind of pep talk too! I've been awfully hard on myself to the point I think it's really holding me back from doing some of the things I'm dreaming to do in life. I see my Fear standing between me and all that I wish to do. I do not know how to get out only that by beginning to step forward, invest my energy, and try, I might slowly make it out of a slump. Thanks for your words! xo p.d.

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