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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


When the word ‘hunger’ is used I usually tend to imagine starving children in desolate environments. And my heart is again moved to do something to alleviate the distress – and rightly so. Those instances of hunger are as destructive to the immediate sufferer as they are, in the long run, to the observer. Hunger can kill us all. The effects of hunger are globally devastating and at the same time highly individual.

Hunger is personal.

What I am hungry for is different to what you may be hungry for.

Hunger is not just related to food and the satisfaction of the basic bodily need for fuel.

I realise today that hunger is unique to each person.

Depending on what you need at a specific time two disparate items may be as important as each other. In the correct circumstances bread can be as important as friendship, rain can be as important as war, silence can be as important as water, food can be as important as love, drugs can be as important as company: whatever I am hungry for at any given time is essential to me right then.

My hunger cannot be satisfied without the correct feeding.

I am hungry for ...

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