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Monday, 8 November 2010

Dr Martens and me

I do most things late in life – compared with the general trends. I am a late bloomer.

Love, travel, family – all came after my age peers were settled well into their second or third decade of each experience.

I am, however, very happy with my progress. My timing is just perfect – for me.

My ‘teenage’ years took place in my late 20s and early 30s. This is the time when I first got involved with Doc Martens.

To me the Doc was a symbol of my finding my own strength as I floated on air cushions. I was at once comfortable and free from normal restraints of behaviour. I was a newly liberated woman and I stepped out with my Doc Martens and a large dose of pride in who I was. Doc Martens did not make me into who I was – just supported my minor acts of rebellion against the status quo.

Of course, through thick and thin, Doc Martens has stayed with me and, even now, occasionally brings me great comfort and reassurance.

When I look at Doc Martens I feel a sense of pride and ‘rightness’ about myself.

I think now is a good time to walk talk again with Doc Martens.

Think I’m past it and should know better? Can I hear phrases such as “Act your age” or “Grow up” (Just what do they mean, anyhow?)

Tony Benn is still wearing them and he’s 85!

I have a way to go yet ...

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