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Saturday, 25 June 2011


What animal are you most like? My favourite animal is a black panther which takes most people by surprise as it is a well known fact that I am not particularly fond of domestic cats – so far in my life I have only met one with whom I am comfortable sitting in the same room; I have even stroke it. But as usual I digress.

To me a black panther is a beast of immense beauty, skill and power. I am mesmerised by it each and every time I see one. I even look forward to being able to get up close and personal with one of these incredible large cats one day. I think I was first struck by the black panther when I was a child and my mother would encourage us to read the National Geographic magazines and the Encyclopaedia Britannica – there were no distracting electronic games or hours of television to distract us then.

I also love lions, cheetahs, jaguar, cougars and leopards; they all make my pulse race faster. In fact I am fascinated by all the big cats and devour nature programmes on the satellite channels whenever I can. Even though I adore the sleek lines and power of the black panther I would not say that my characteristics are most like it. As much as I would like to claim the speed, stealth and survival instinct of this beautiful beast I think I am much more like a chameleon in nature.

I have been known to hide inside myself (or my books) to avoid rejection and more heartache. My way of blending in to my surroundings used to be my main form of protection against my character being destructed. After all, it’s safer inside the world of books as the characters are fixed, they don’t go changing their opinions.

But like a chameleon I now only use my camouflaging abilities in moments of danger when I fear destruction or extreme harm. Apart from that I am become more like a black panther every day.

What animal are you most like?

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