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Saturday, 18 June 2011

There’s something wrong ...

Have you ever noticed that sometimes things look or feel great when you’ve just done them but after a while some uncertainty begins to surface?
Well, I have been painting the house for a while and as time has passed I have found out that I’ve missed bits. Now something else has come to light. Literally.
This concerns a door. The inside of this particular door is not frequently seen as it is not often closed but when my eyes lit upon it on one of the rare bright afternoons I instantly developed a hint of a frown.
I decided to ignore what I had seen but as I am not the only one in the house it was soon brought to my attention by my son.
“There’s something wrong with the door,” she said casually.
“I know.” I sighed.
“Why’s it like that?” M asked.
“The paint I used wasn’t right,” I conceded.
“Oh. OK.”
“It doesn’t look nice,” he continued.
“I know. I’ll fix it soon,” I answered.
“Good. Then it’ll look nice like the rest of the painting!”
When I had picked up the can of paint it had brightly announced that it was a one-coat brilliant white paint for all wood and metal surfaces. So I had just used it in good faith ... just as I had many years before. And this is where the problem stemmed from.
The paint was white when I dipped the brush in the paint tin, it was white when it first went on the door but after a few weeks it started to fade and turned a strange shade of sickness, it was a streaky creamy colour and the previous white colour was peeping through this top layer of discolouration.
The paint I chose to use was old. It wasn’t right for this use. So I had to buy new paint for that door, other doors and radiators.
Now they are all white because I eventually used something that was fit for the right purpose and will not just be a temporary facade.

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