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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Can you help me?

Morgan has started to get smarter with her replies when explaining why she hasn’t done something or why she hasn’t remembered a task I had repeatedly told her about. Her latest offering of wit is, “It’s because I’m not as clever as you.” I’m still wondering if she is picking up the subtle use of sarcasm and using it on me or if this is a straight-forward and genuine answer. My gut tells me that it is the former option, especially as she now drapes her answers in a smile that looks practised to deceive. But then I could just be cynical.

This time it was the fish tank.

I’m sure the water is not supposed to be brown or green and so I keep telling her to clean it out.
It didn’t happen.

Then she says that she is going to do it and I could save my breath to live a longer life rather than repeat the same things over and over again – especially as I say I don’t like repeating them. (You follow her logic here, I’m sure.)

I did get tempted to raise my voice when I saw her go for her games rather than to the tank after another speech. Instead I moved things so that she had better access to the fish tank and that was a better reminder. 

Morgan jumped up and started about her task.

The reluctance was obvious – mainly because the tank was really dirty.

I started to remind her of the process with a list of steps to take.

“Can you help me?” She whimpered.

“It’s your job. I’ve got stuff to do already.”

I left her to get on with it.

After a while I offered to help with the difficult bits and she was delighted. Then I left her to get on with the rest. It was soon over and the tank looked ... as good as new. The fish were swimming in crystal clear water and when friends came to the house they said, in surprised tones, “Oh, you’ve got fish!”

I didn’t say we’d had them for years but the tank was too dirty to see them in, instead I smiled and looked at the pride on Morgan’s face as she showed them over to the tank.

It was the smile that she threw to me that let me know that some tasks we don’t like doing but we like it when they are done – especially when you have some help.

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