These are my musings and observations on my daily life, loves and the laughter that are all a part of my experience of living now in the shires of England.

Saturday, 24 September 2011


There are some things in this world that make me forgetful and for that I am grateful.

I forget that some people are spiteful. I forget that some events are painful. I even forget that people hate me.

The things that give me memory loss? Well, they are other memories, different memories and wonderful living realities.

The memory of a smile; the beauty of a kiss; the joy of an unexpected flower; the knowledge that someone special has been thinking about you; caring words from someone who knows; the pleasure of a promise fulfilled.

I like being forgetful about the bad way things are and remembering the good way they are and will be.

It is exciting to see the world this brighter way.

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