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Monday, 12 September 2011

All work and no play?

In life you’ve really got to have some fun. The idiom says “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Having some enjoyment in life is like having a spicy sauce with a meal – it makes a difference and a pleasant change.

There is an art to recreation. It’s all about doing something that stimulates, amuses and diverts us from the main daily activities. When you re-create you freely choose how to spend your time and you are duly relaxed, fulfilled and satisfied by the use of your discretionary moments.

I think it’s odd that so many people never have any recreational time at all in their lives. This is because I feel recreation is crucial for both a healthy mind and body. When we fail to recreate we damage our psychological and biological centres. Sound harsh? I guess it is, especially on the person who works, then works, then adds a bit more work to their lives.

Have you ever thought how you would cope if the option to have recreational time was permanently removed from your life? I think banners would be made and protests organised. Therefore it makes sense that now – when recreational time is a free personal choice – we all make the most of it.

I like walking, so I do that as often as I can. I feel renewed when I do. Reading is also a great activity that I like to indulge in, it’s a bit like being a chocoholic I get some in as often as possible and it always gives me a buzz!

But what happens when your work is fun and to you it’s like playing? Does that change things?

Does that make life ‘All play and no work?’ and, is that such a bad thing?

What is recreation to you? Do you refresh and re-create ... yourself?

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