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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Friendships and relationships

Is there anything that can be described as an ‘ordinary relationship’? Maybe so, but I have begun to think that most relationships are extra-ordinary in nature.

This is because you start off with some kind of attraction, that phase is swiftly followed by an obsession that is often rooted in infatuation. After this comes the realisation that the person has weaknesses and may also have committed unpardonable deeds. Yet there is still an ultimate acknowledgement that this person has penetrated your soul. This is what makes relationships extraordinary to me.

People I meet and get to know become extremely important to me. They matter beyond normal comprehension. I am not obsessed by them, yet I remain eternally interested and concerned about them.

This is especially the case when something in me that is beyond thought or feeling finds a match within the person I have met. The connection is deeper than reason because it is automatic and mirrored. This is the everyday miracle of friendship that I am happy to never understand, yet I accept it with the utmost joy.

I love them just like I love me.

"When anybody says or does something that echoes in your heart, you should listen." MHM

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