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Friday, 16 September 2011

Breaking News: Focus Brings Greater Results

I wanted you to be the first to know about this discovery. You too can have this groundbreaking event in your own life. All you need to do is to learn from this simple tale:

I was having problems with my cooking. The meals that I used to cook were delicious, well presented and enjoyable. Suddenly I noticed that the presentation was sloppy, the taste was not up to scratch and there were always leftovers. Something had gone wrong.

Resorting to the logical side of my brain power I analysed the process. You could say I applied the business techniques of my computing days to the kitchen. This is what I discovered when I took the process apart.

I saw that I was not just cooking. My attention was also taken up with social networking and playing games whilst I cooked. This is why some of the food tasted, well ... it tasted wrong. It wasn’t what I was used to serving up. Some was undercooked, some was overcooked, some was tasteless. It’s amazing how easily I forgot to put salt or different seasonings in when I was distracted. When I was looking at the screen I also didn’t remember how long one part of the cooking process had already taken until I was reminded by the smell of burning or the rattling of pot lids. Everything was taking longer that it normally did but not giving desirable results.

I resolved to return to a time of dedicated focus to the task in hand and ever since the resumption of proper attention the results have become outstanding again. The food prepared looks good, tastes good and is finger lickin’ good.  There are no leftovers but there is renewed anticipation for the next exciting meal – in a good way!

Now, where is that Masterchef application?

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