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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Our parents are right!

I think we have to get to an age that our parents were when we first began to disagree with them before we realise that many of the things that they said are right.

The reason I say this is that a while ago someone told me something and I didn’t think it was the best decision (it involved me) but I had no choice but to go along with it. Anyway, as time passed I began to realise that instead of being sad about that decision I began to feel undeniably happy about it. It was not something I would have chosen right there, right then, but looking back from where I am now I know that without that person making that brave choice I would be in a much poorer position now.

I’m not talking about financial wealth either – that hasn’t changed substantially for a while, I’m talking about spiritual and social health.

I took time today to thank that person for their wise choice (that I didn’t agree with at the time) because I see that they were being true to themselves and to me by making it. And that must be all good.

I have learnt that when my parents used to say “All that glistens isn’t gold,” they were, of course, right.

This muddy field that I inhabit now is much more rewarding than the palace with its false facades.

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