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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Virgin thoughts and throwing the rattle

Sometimes the best thing to do is not to think.

What I really mean, is not to think too much. I occasionally have a thought and instead of just acting on it I will dissect it, turn it over, manipulate it and eventually destroy it.

Why do I do this? After all, the initial thought was a gut reaction, so there must be some truth or mileage in it – surely?

Anyway, I had a thought yesterday. I acted on that thought yesterday. I acted on the first thought before I had time for any more thoughts that would bury it.

When I went to sleep I had a small niggling doubt that I had done the wrong thing but, just before I eventually slid into my slumber, another brighter thought appeared in my mind. I went to sleep knowing that I had done the right thing.

The reason for this sudden certainty at such a late hour? It’s simple really, I realised that I trusted myself that no matter what the outcome was I would be OK with it.

I have begun to realise that far too often we (well, I say we, but I mean ‘I’) act as if the only outcome is the one we have a preference for. We behave like spoilt children who will have a tantrum and throw the rattle out of the pram if we do not get what we want.

I guess in some ways I’m still growing up.

The ability to accept whatever outcome occurs seems to me a sign of some maturity of outlook. And that sounds good to me.

The other bonus to this not-thinking-too-much mode is that I open myself up to different possibilities when I act on my virgin thoughts. Most of them I could never even begin to imagine but they become real once I have released my thought without damaging it.

That leads to contentment all around after that – no muddied thinking or screaming to deal with at all!

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