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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Who likes being a sheep?

Who likes being a sheep?

Usually being a sheep is seen as a negative thing. But I think that it can be a good thing once in a while. When I become associated with a group I feel like I have joined a flock. I feel like I belong somewhere again. Sheep have a strong sociable instinct that reminds me why minorities group – be they social, religious or cultural - gather together: it is for preservation – to save themselves from persistent persecution. This natural sheep-like flocking instinct is to ensure their survival.

The way I hear it is that when sheep get separated from their own kind they lose the will to thrive as sheep, they often go off to a desolate place and quietly give up the fight to be a sheep. This isolation can defeat the determination to survive.

Joining an appropriate group of like minded people can be like coming back inside the flock; it is a return from the wilderness. This fellowship imbues each person with the desire to flourish and grow. Sometimes when you feel like society is preying on you, you also feel as if you are in danger of succumbing to the experience of loneliness within the wider community. That’s what being lost in a crowd feels like: it is terrifying. Finding a flock is life affirming and comforting.

Because I have been fortunate enough to find groups that accept me for all I am I have to say how glad I am to join their flock of unique and beautiful sheep.

I am grateful to my fellow sheep for remaining in the flock. I am blessed to have found my way home.


Rena said...

I'm glad that you are part of that sheep fold and whenever I find myself lost I will be looking for you. I wanna be in the same fold with you

Marj said...

Thank you, Rena! We'll keep an eye out for each other so that we never get separated from the flock. That sounds like a great plan.

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