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Sunday, 6 February 2011

White spaces

My mind is always so busy that I rarely get the time to really stop and think. Meditation seems inviting when things get hectic but then there’s the reality that meditation means separation and quiet for deep clear thoughts.

Just envisaging that brought an image of a clear mountain stream just trickling gently over smooth stones as it wends its way down between the grass covered mounds. I could even see mountain goats raise their heads to look and listen before continuing to graze peacefully.

Maybe I do have enough space, maybe it is more than I imagine because if I can conjure up that image at the end of a busy day I must have been gifted my own thinking space.

The New Year is often the time when hoards of people start a new diary or journal. And on the first day of the year thousands of people awaken to an empty white space – like freshly fallen snow – that they can make their unique marks on.

I’m wondering how many people are still – a month into this new year – using their clean white spaces every day to ... do whatever they planned to. Here is some space that I haven’t filled yet ...

I wonder what I will do with it?

1 comment:

Rena said...

Good reminder for keeping on track with what I want to do.

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