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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Feeling sorry for myself

Yep! That’s me. For the last week something has been niggling at me and it keeps coming up when I least expect it.
I was in a supermarket last week and I picked up a packet off the shelf and then suddenly cried out in pain as the cardboard tore through my skin like a razor and I just felt a searing pain. I dropped the package on the floor and held my hand up. Strangely I couldn’t see the cut for a moment, but I knew it was there. The pain didn’t lie.
After what seemed like an age but was probable about 10 seconds my blood starting pouring from the cut. I didn’t cry or fall to the floor writhing in agony – as was suggested as an appropriate reaction by my son – however I did wince a lot and shake my finger to relieve the symptoms. What I had gained was a deep paper cut on my knuckle. It really, really hurt and since then I’ve been feeling really sorry for myself.

The reason for this prolonged bout of suffering? Well, I obtained a plaster from the customer service section of the store as I didn’t want to continue dripping blood all over the floor and when I got home I cleansed it and covered it properly. However, all week it has failed to heal properly. You see, what I thought was a simple, albeit deep, paper cut has refused to heal as expected. When it was not fully healed I carelessly hurt it again in the same place and each time it seemed like the wound was deeper and more painful on the repeat injuries. Every couple of days it would bleed again and I’d have to start the healing process from scratch.
I started to get frustrated. I tried to think of a better way to save myself from the repetition of pain.
This made me think that this cut has been just like life.
It’s still not healed completely but it is getting there. I just have to treat it with more loving care. I am protecting the area of pain.
Poor me!

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