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Monday, 7 February 2011

Emotional sponge

How do I explain that there are moments when I feel like other people’s emotions are dripping into my very soul? I have this experience too frequently for my own comfort and it’s at times like these that I have the sensation of almost drowning by emotional osmosis.

Being – what some would term – sensitive does mean that I have become finely tuned to pick up mood changes. Some days ago, when I sensed a downward shift within the group I was with, I did the visual checks, they confirmed what the alteration in the tone of voice had already told me, and so I asked if everything was OK. Although I was assured it was fine this was not the entire story. So, over the next few hours the weight of unspoken feelings began to drag me under until I was struggling to stay positive... and the negativity did not even stem from me!

I guess I am an emotional sponge.

But frequently I wish I wasn’t because when these negative emotions flood my body it takes me a long time to regain my own equilibrium.

Luckily I have many good reasons to stay positive and so it was on that day. I took myself away from the negativity, I mean I physically removed myself to a quiet space and then I could focus on my positives not their negatives: it worked.

Wrung free of sapping emotions I filled myself up with my own feelings and after regaining that balance I was able to return to the fray – so to speak – and with a little time, and with some gentle persuasion I managed to encourage Mr. Negative to open up and talk freely about his feelings.

It wasn’t all roses by the end of our conversation – that’s not this reality, but Mr N. did start to share why he had become moody suddenly. With some clarity gained we went our separate ways and by the next meeting everything was on the up again.

It seems like I shared some of my positivity that replaced his negative feelings. Therefore it wasn’t such a bad experience after all as it seems I learnt that this emotional sponge works both ways.

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