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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Body language

It speaks even when you don’t.

With all the coverage of the Royal Wedding there have been commentators who see and hear everything. They imagine what is going on, and in some case they know what the participants are saying because of the lip-reading skills they employ.

Before and after the wedding body language experts were on hand to tell us all the things we couldn’t hear or imagine. They told of the deep and genuine affection between Prince William and Catherine Middleton – to be honest, they weren’t needed to share what was obvious: anyone could see that this couple have deep positive feelings for each other.

The same happiness was evident in another ceremony I attended recently. Love is beautiful to behold.

Peaceful expression, relaxed behaviour, genuine affection – these things do not need a body language expert to interpret them.

With so much joy in the air it is a bit surprising that I found myself drawn to pictures that were taken of me in December 2005. I remember what I felt at the time but even if I didn’t the pictures tell the story (I also recall why I refused to have pictures taken of me for so many years – as a photographer I know what the camera says, and it is true: it does not lie [unless you use photoshop!])

My pictures were untouched but it appears nobody else ever questioned how I was feeling at that time. The anxiety, negative thoughts, sense of vulnerability, fear and uncertainty were scattered through those photographs like confetti.

I love the science of body language.

It speaks even when I can’t.

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