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Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Children quickly settle in the ego state: everything is about them. Look at me! Watch me. Come here! They like to perform and they like to have an audience.

It is widely said that this shameless exhibitionism carries on into the full flush of youth. A time when the child has realised their own knowledge and power and still craves constant attention.

I know many adults who are what people call ‘shrinking violets’ or ‘wall-flowers’ and they would do anything rather than have any prolonged amount of focus on them. I have been known to inhabit that persona once in a while – especially when I am feeling uncomfortable.

This led me to thinking (I seem to be doing a lot of that lately) about what ego-age I would refer to myself as being at any given time.

When I am needy ... I need care and comfort: I am a toddler.

When I am sad ... I want you to see me and make things better: I am a child.

When I am confused ... I want you to ignore me (a bit): I am an adult morphing into a child.

When I am afraid ... I want to know you see but know that you won’t focus directly on me: I am a pre-teen.

I am all of these ages, all of the time. Sometimes I am an extrovert but often I want peace and quiet. Sometimes I am flamboyant than again I can be horribly reserved. At all times I am different ego ages.

What age are you right now?

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