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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Man up, bird!

I got to thinking today about a situation where, if I were a man, it would have been said that I ‘manned up’. But as I’m not a man I also wondered what the female equivalent was:

Imagine a French lesson if you will:

Today we are talking about rising to the occasion,

(for some strange reason this phrase has elicited images of obelisk-type structures in my mind – go figure)

Now class, stop talking amongst yourself, pay attention please - the masculine form of this verb shown here on the board is ‘manning up’ and the feminine version is ‘womanning up’...

It doesn’t quite have the right ring to it does it? Womanning up?

I was talking with a friend today and after I had laughed until my chest hurt we spoke about some serious matters that were important to each of us individually. One of mine had to do with me doing something that I had been afraid of for a while. My friend – who sometimes says next to nothing but it still amuses me because of the way he says it – has the ability to see positivity and potential in so many things and while we were flitting from topic to topic as friends do in conversations he came up with the phrase that seemed to fit the bill rather well. He suggested that what I did was to ‘bird up’ – I think it was him that suggested it but as I like the phrase more and more I’m beginning to rewrite the conversation in my memory and I’m almost certain that it was me who first aired this phrase ...

Anyway, it was born in the delights of a wonderful moment of sharing the truth about where I had been and why I had changed. I accepted that I had risen to the occasion – like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and I have continued to face reality in my life. So, here I am being strong and being brave. It’s conversations like these that remind me that I do have confidence to do what needs to be done.

If as if at that stressful time I thought to myself, “Man up, bird!” And I responded by doing just that.

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