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Friday, 20 May 2011

Mafia with crosses

I offer no apologies for this piece.

I am going to talk about an O.C.G. That is not an Organised Crime Group – like the Mafia, but an Organised Christian Group (although this applies equally as well to all O.R.G.’s – Organised Religious Groups).

To see if you are paying attention there will be a spot quiz at the end. Ready? Good, let’s proceed.

O.C.G. 101

Characteristics of an O.C.G.:

It is a form of government or governance that controls territories and processes.

It has an element of the state within its structure.

The O.C.G. has a hierarchical structure for the ease of monitoring and controlling its members.

The O.C.G. operates a system of totalitarian governance.

It has a strict code of behaviour.

The O.C.G. has a ritual for the initiation of new members.

It bestows new names upon full members when they enter the fellowship of the organisation; this new name marks the start of a new life. Links to the former existence is severed when the new identity is given.

It has rules of ‘proper’ behaviour.

It has a specific dress code.

Members of the O.C.G. must learn the distinct language of their particular O.C.G. in order to distinguish themselves from members of other O.C.G.’s.

Members must have allegiance to the O.C.G.’s world-view.

The O.C.G. has its own court and judgement system to deal with its members’ perceived wrongdoings or misbehaviours.

It metes out punishment without sanction; it cannot be questioned.

It uses its influence to penetrate politics and the judiciary to enhance its interest.

The O.C.G. operates on a currency of power and fear.

Local branches of the O.C.G. have families that rule all of the decision making process.


So those are the main points for this section. You will, however, be required to spend some time in reflection and you must apply these characteristics to any organisation that you believe may be an O.C. G. – what you do next is up to you.

The characteristics that I have listed above belong to the mafia. They also belong – without exception – to many churches that I have observed, including the one I attend.

If you do not believe me I suggest that you infiltrate your local O.C.G. and report back with your individual findings. A word of caution, the organisation is formidable and does not take kindly to any attempt to make changes from within. After an extended period of field research you may decide to convert or try to leave and become affiliated to another O.C.G. – this is, of course, easier said than done.

In many churches – as with the mafia - the rights of citizens are not recognised. The church will go against the law of the government of the country and impose its own beliefs on citizens. Within this environment there is no appeal to justice. Churches regularly, and openly, flout the law of equality, especially with regard to sexuality, and there is no right of appeal for justice within the organisation. The churches frequently operate outside the legal rules that bind ordinary organisations and its actions effectively declare that it sees the state as redundant. The church operates in its own world, its own underworld.

My question at the end of this short session on O.C.G.s 101 is why are churches so much like the mafia?

Do they feel they have some kind of monopoly on God? Or do they think they are God? I suppose within their O.C.G. they really are.

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