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Friday, 6 May 2011


Some days I look back and struggle to remember what specific things I had achieved in that day. I know that I was doing things – all the time, but the exact nature of those ‘things’ often evades me.

Then I look back on a day like today and I know exactly what I have been doing.

Over the past month or so I have been making positive changes in my living environment. This includes painting and shifting things. On the days that I have been at home this week I have marvelled at the amount I have accomplished. And this is all because I wake up with a plan, I stick to the plan (maybe with some minor, minor tweaking as I go along) and I fulfil the plan.

I am able to look back at my work and feel proud at the amount I have done each day. The newly painted spaces have a sense of a new beginning and I am always ready for that.

Concentration on the task in hand can get the job done quicker.

An optional extra, that is a bit like topping on a cake, is when someone sees what you have done and says, “Awesome!” with obvious enthusiasm.

Concentration on the task in hand is sometimes like a double harvest – the extra crop resembles a whetting stone and the whole experience sharpens your attitude for positive living – just like friends do.

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