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Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Grief is personal and fathomless. I've spent 35 years without a mother, and nearly 10 years without a father and still this month of anniversaries makes me very sad even though I'm now 49 and behaving like a sorted adult most of the time :-(

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P.D. Gourlais said...

Dear Marj, I'm so grieved to hear about your losses. I finished reading what you wrote about Separation Anxiety. I had no idea that you lost both your Mother and Father. I learn something new about you the more I read and then I feel more genuinely connected to you in spirit. I've experienced some Separation Anxiety because of my father in his divorce against my mother but nothing to the extreme like you have. I know this feeling of Vacuum though and the "void". I didn't know you're 49 either! You look 29 in your photos! Anyway love, I'm hear reading (listening) and soaking in what you wish to share with us. xo Peedee

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