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Friday, 4 June 2010

Positive expressions

Seduction is about self-expression. It is a tool for communication between people.

When we are weak or vulnerable for any reason we are easily led astray. We can be seduced by people, clothes, shopping, eating, sexual appetites, drugs … anything. Seduction always works best on people who are tired or whose defences are somehow lowered. Actions and reactions at this time are often bold and forthright. Sometimes they are not true. Seduction can be used as a mask to the real intentions and feelings. When we are seduced by things we do not want in our lives we will be assaulted by regrets once we are fully conscious of the situation. We will not be happy at this time.

There is, however, a positive side to seduction. We can have our interest captivated so that we begin to believe things that we were afraid of opening ourselves up to because we had long held onto unfounded viewpoint or fears. This can be with people or objects.

We have to approach all seduction with caution and chose what will be positive and enhance our lives and reject those things that are negative and detract from our journeys. Keeping our defences at a reasonable level will allow us to make wise choices. When we are seduced by things we want in our lives we will be happy and have an interesting and exciting life. We will be in a place when we are fulfilling our desires and aspirations.

Choose your own seduction.

Positive seduction is my good choice today.

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