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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Stay right and you won't go wrong

What I learned today …

Making out that someone is right in their behaviour when they are obviously wrong is an injustice to both me and them.

As a person who likes to think the best about others, I came to realise that although it is a good thing to think the best about others, sometimes the other person is just WRONG. And being wrong does not and will not change the situation that has occurred. Nothing I do will change wrong into right. If I try to make it seem as if what they did, how they acted, the way that they spoke – that any of that was good or alright, I join the ranks of those who are wrong.

If it is already wrong, it stays wrong.

If there is blame to be apportioned then I will not shoulder it and absolve them (as if I could …) of all responsibility. I will leave their blame with them and know that this is the RIGHT thing to do for both me and them.

As the well known saying goes … two wrongs don’t make a right.

To that I add my own thoughts …stay right and you won’t go wrong.

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