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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Full throttle living

Sometimes we get so close to our dreams, to our goals … then we just give up. Stop. Lay down the tools. We get within spitting distance of the finish and we pull out.

Why do we do this? Occasionally (too often) it is because we are more afraid of being successful than we are of failing. Because we doubt ourselves we do not know how we will manage the success that will ensue. The actual task in hand is one venture; the success of it is a whole new ball game. What do we do then?

It is OK to be successful. It is OK to be brilliant and talented.

It is OK to be secure in success. It is OK to be happy with success.

Failure is the fear we know, it is comfortable and oddly normal in some lives. Failure is paraded as normality while success is viewed with reverential awe and some suspicion – as if the price is too much.

Success needn’t be fearful. We are designed to be successful. Full throttle living is recommended.

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