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Tuesday, 1 June 2010



What is guilt? Why do people feel guilty?

I have said for many years that only if you have done something that you know or that you find out that it is wrong, especially against another person, then you are entitled to feel guilty; in other situations I think that we often get into the habit of assuming guilt when we think that others think that we are wrong – even if we are not. I know that sounds convoluted but I believe that this is how our minds work sometimes.

Our social and moral consciences are activated and we become emotionally attached to an incident. If we remain in an identity of guilt we lose our connections with others because we then compare ourselves negatively to them.

Guilt makes us underrate ourselves and our successes.

When guilt arrives and settles like a vulture on our shoulders does it bolster any feelings of inadequacy we may already harbour? I think that it often has the tendency to do that. With constant sideways glancing and pecking at us, I feel that guilt will wear us down until we no longer have the energy or motivation to make any personal progress.

If we are guilty of something, then I think it is our duty to make amends in the best possible way, be it directly or indirectly, but we must let go of our attachment with the incident or it will become a millstone around our necks.

Guilt can drown us in our daily lives. We have the power to cut the silken cord that links that weight to us. We must release ourselves from the burdens that we do not need to carry so that we can become the person we need to be, the person we are supposed to be, and we can become that person today. And tomorrow, and the next day.

Guilt has its place but once the lesson is learned it must be left in the past to gather dust with the history of the deed.

Rise into your life today, rise and be guilt free.

When we are emotionally healthy we will be able to progress with our lives.

Once we confront the issue that elicited the feelings of guilt then we have to let it go, the vulture of guilt will have to depart from our lives when it is clear that we are neither sick or wounded but healing and strong.

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