These are my musings and observations on my daily life, loves and the laughter that are all a part of my experience of living now in the shires of England.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010



The temperature rises,

the pressure builds

a lattice of emotions

bonds within

… then erupts

into the untamed waterfall,

each drop the perfect


every one a diamond

uniquely constructed,

absent of all colour yet

full of the light of life.

Encased within

each tumbling sphere

lies the joys,

the pains,

the highs,

the lows,


created by my heart

then steadily expelled

from my body

through the optical valve.

Each diamond tear

coolly releases pressure

from within the hot volcano of my mind.

Transformation continues,

the diamonds lose their shape

and glow

the furnace of emotions

simmers as

embers turn to dry ash.

Welcoming winds clear

the hearth

(Be seen no more.)


P.D. Gourlais said...

I loved this piece. For some reason, Facebook is not allowing me to comment on any of your pieces but I did come here to see what other wisdom you are in the mood to share!
You're great!
Love ya,

Marj said...

Thank you.


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