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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Loving the word ‘no’

Often we do not understand just how grateful we should be for the times when things have worked against our initial plans.

In the moment when we want to hear a ‘yes’ the opposite answer holds no attraction whatsoever. It is only when time may have passed and different things have happened that we see the true colours of the answers we wanted and were given.

I have recently wanted a situation to be so different, but it didn’t turn out the way I desired. It wasn’t pleasing to me; in fact I was morose for a while. But then as I lived the other avenue that I didn’t choose I saw things in a different light: I realised that if my plans had gone ahead the way I wanted them to I would have been walking into the most awful disaster.

Smiling to myself – in ‘No Avenue’ I realised that it was a brilliant thing to hear the word ‘no’.

You see, I can see across to ‘Yes Highway’ and know that it is more like Spaghetti Junction that the free flowing thoroughfare that I thought it was.

And right now I am loving the word ‘no’.

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