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Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Body Speaks

Have you ever notice how you react to different situations? Do you think about the literal reality of your response? There is a whole library full of expertise on body language, and it’s there for a good reason, to help us to remember the things we once knew innately.  

As babies we learn to read the expressions on our parents’ faces. We know if they are happy or sad, we know from the touch we receive if we are loved or not. Their bodies speak to our bodies and we learn.

My body has been relearning this beautiful language and it is amazing to know that you can instinctively tell if something is true even when you don’t understand it. This is because your body is affected by the truth.

The action becomes real in you.

It’s a bit like music.

Some people just don’t get jazz. They listen to it, but they don’t feel it. They say that they don’t ‘get’ it.

When you ‘get’ a sense of music it is more than audible, to me it is physical. I can remember hearing particular pieces of music and just feeling that they are parts of my existence. They are real to me; they become part of who I am because they express my reality.

Some psychologists say that in order to encounter music at different dimension of your personality (other than just hearing it), you have to have an openness to experience; it is then that the occurrence of hearing music becomes real to you. You also know it as real.

I am pleased to remain creative, curious and to let my imagination continue to be active as I listen as any body speaks. Then I will get it. I’ll know it’s real.

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