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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Heart speaks

The contents of your heart will be evidenced from the things that you say and do. This much I know is true.

In the same way that your body can speak, so does your language along with your behaviour.

Some things have different properties. How it is used in your life is partially up to you. One example of this is the Aloe Vera plant, this simple looking specimen is used for its many healing and slimming attributes, but it has also been known as Bitter Aloes because of its pungent flavour on the palate.

I’ve heard of children in Jamaica who were so keen on thumb sucking that they had the sharp and bitter juice of the Aloe smeared on their thumbs to cure them of this social pariah before they went to school. This was a reversal of bitterness. This unpleasantness was obtained from an external source and taken in by the, initially, unsuspecting child.

When the children became aware of the negativity that the Aloes gave them they changed their behaviour; they stopped sucking their thumbs.

In the same way, when bitterness and negativity attack you from an external source, if you don’t want to continue to be affected by it, then you have to change your behaviour. This may be a physical or an emotional change.

I have seen relationships change and the hearts that once professes undying love becomes like nests of vipers. The venom from these attacks always causes pain. So, it is my suggestion that:

“When bitterness seeps into someone's heart, ugliness pours out in actions and deeds. Don't stay around to be contaminated by them.” MHM

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