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Monday, 22 August 2011

Learning Opportunities

Do you remember everything that you set out to learn? If you do, please tell me the secret!

I was thinking about the various learning opportunities that have occurred throughout my life and I remember one particular attempt at learning another European language. I still remember a few words and phrases but nothing substantial, and when I compared it to the amount of French I remember I tried to figure out why one was easier to remember than the other (not that I am anywhere near fluent in French).

Then it came to me that the language that has more or less slipped from my memory never had an anchor there at all. This was because I only went to the classes to accompany a friend who wanted to learn Italian because a boy she was attracted to was Italian!

I went for friendship, she went for potential love. I forgot the lessons and I’m not sure how much she remembers now – her current husband is not Italian and she lives in California, so Spanish would be more convenient to her now.

In contrast, I thought about something I am passionate about and I don’t remember when the learning started and I know that it hasn’t ended.

My conclusion is that when you have different reasons for learning the lessons can stick like glue or fall away like old wallpaper.

Motivations make the difference in learning opportunities.

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