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Sunday, 21 August 2011

“They’re good people”

This is in the form of a personal affirmation.

I remember when my parents used to talk about people who my older brothers and sister would bring home. They would ask, “Are they good people?” This simple question was heavy with meaning. My elder siblings were required to recount the positive attributes of – not just their friends – but of the entire family, going back a few generations.

It was only in this way that my parents were even close to being satisfied that the people they were being introduced to were worthwhile company.

Too often people will judge others as a bad people because of their own narrow-mindedness (and yes, I do include my parents in this).

Because other people dismiss me as not good (because of their own ignorance) does not change the facts of who I am. Those who get to know me find out the truth of the goodness that is part of me.

I am remembering to tell myself, in the way of the old folks, that “I am good people”.

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