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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


By its nature trauma is ... traumatic.

Sound silly? Maybe so, but that’s the point that I’m making, something too obvious to notice sometimes. The ordeal, the suffering, and the distress of whatever incident is like a sledgehammer to our minds and – sometimes - bodies.

We become fractured by the episode.

After we have been physically, mentally and emotionally torn apart the last thing we want to do is to think positively about the situation. That may come much later. Much, much later.

Later we may see that the trauma has presented us with an opportunity (it may not have been the smoothest path to that chance, but there it is) to start something new. A chance to create something new with the new person we are after the trauma. A time to recreate and start anew.

Trauma – as traumatic as it is – may be a restart we can use for our own benefit. It’s worth a try I think.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree that trauma can, ultimately, be used for good. I have found in the past that deep trauma has allowed me to break free of habitual thought patterns; the trauma jerking me out of comfortable ruts. To me, it was a chance for a tearing down of the old thought patterns picked up willy-nilly from youth - and a chance to re-build myself with a better thought-scape, with fresh views of MY choosing; you can't pour fresh tea into a full cup, you have to empty the cup first

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