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Friday, 19 August 2011


There are greetings cards, books, leaflets, bumper stickers and a whole host of other items that share affirmations with us in a subtle or not so subtle way each day. Some people go searching for them as soon as they awaken so that their day will start with self acceptance, approval and a positive attitude. Some people happen across them as they wander through their day. Others fall over them when they are at their lowest points.

These affirmations can transform your thinking. They can imbue you with personal power, they can steer you towards success. Positive affirmations are medicine for the mind that shows up in your positive actions and behaviours.

Why do we need positive affirmations? For a balance life, that’s why.

Here are a few to be going on with:

I am wonderful and my happiness is important.

I will make time to be happy every day; I am worth it.

I have a right to love and be loved.

I am a kind and loving person.

I will say yes to my dreams.

I believe in myself.

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