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Sunday, 16 January 2011


Today I had a conversation wherein I asked someone’s opinion on a matter that has been occupying my mind for a few weeks. I have a firm idea about what to do, but I am still not fully decided on the way I should proceed. I have weighed up the pros and cons for a while because whatever I do with impact my child’s school life for several years to come. I have to be wise.
After the conversation I felt myself wavering away from my position in favour of a new proposition.
This left me wondering how often I am easily persuaded to do one thing or another when I am almost totally convinced that a different path is the best one. I questioned myself to see if I valued the other’s opinion more than my own, or was I just too weak to stand up for my own point of view? Wondering if my own point of view was unstable did indeed leave me open to persuasion.

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