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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Everybody is Somebody

I found this print in a dusty box at the back of a shop some decades ago. I have carried it with me – in my heart and on my walls – ever since I first saw it. At the moment it is hung besides the mirror in my hallway. I see it each time I leave and return to the house.

I was captivated from the moment I saw it. As the intrigue filled me I decided to discover who the man in the photograph was. After many, many hours of searching I was led to facts that stated this was a Gullah man in America, who had been taken from Africa. The picture told me that despite his difficult existence he still retained pride and belief in himself – that he was indeed Somebody.

This picture is a reminder, lest I forget.

Everybody you meet really is somebody - and there is something special about them.

Each person has dreams, loves, wants, desires, dislikes, regrets, sorrows, and joys. Each person also has their own imperfections; we all make mistakes, we say and do the wrong things sometimes. That is part of our unique being. Even then, we are still somebody.

Some things about a person we will never understand, even when we have known them for years. Other things we do not need to know.

One thing I always try do is to show respect to each person and what they say because they are ... Somebody. Everybody is. Including me.

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