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Friday, 28 January 2011

Thank you for ... me

Dear Mummy,

Thank you for having me.

I was your eighth child and I know you’d already begun to be tired of motherhood and marriage, although you never ceased to love all of your children even as you took your last breath. I was not to be your last child, my younger sister also shared in your amazing capacity for love.

I need to thank you for your love because without it I would have given up my life a long time ago. You loved life. You wanted to live. You had great dreams – that were cruelly cut short.

When it was obvious that I would never have the reality of your love in my life again I nearly flew off Birdlip Hill. But somewhere deep inside I remembered that you always said things change and get better eventually. You always saw a better time coming. This is so true.

The last four years have been the best ones of my life. I feel like I am beginning to live as I’ve always known I could. The love you showed me has a wonderful power that lets me remember and feel – I know the truth of love from the memories you made with me – you keep on giving and reminding me of love ... even beyond the grave.

So, Mummy, I thank you so much for having me and loving me because I know that it does get better.

You gave me as much love as I’ve ever needed.

Marjorie xxx

Sometimes now is the right time to say thank you to somebody special for the love that you have freely received from them.

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