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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Threads of gold

Threads of gold

Some people you never forget.

Some people never forget you.

I’ve had two wonderful reminders of that today.

The first was a seven word email that made me smile from my core.

The second was a chance sighting of an old face, I literally mean an old face, in a supermarket car park.

Over a decade ago I worked in the housing department of a local council. I came in contact with several hundreds of people but some of them I have never forgotten. This woman was one of them.

When I first met her she was already old, way over 80, and we had several meetings about her home. I always wondered about her when I left that employment and today I saw her.

I walked over to the car she was sat in, thinking that she would not recognise me, or that I had identified her incorrectly, but when she opened the door she smiled her toothless grin at me as I recalled her name and where we had first met.


Mrs Threadgold. An amazing woman with more wrinkles than crushed velvet on her face had the brightness of a teenager in her eyes. She said, “I haven’t seen you for ages, duck. How are you?” I responded and I smiled. Then, wishing her well I resumed my daily tasks with another gift of threads of gold around my heart.

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