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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

What makes you happy?

Simple question - what makes you happy?
Now look at the question, hear the question, feel it and then answer it to yourself and for yourself.
The way to do it is to realise that those four words are about you and your happiness.
Those words are not about what other people say makes them happy.
The question is not about what society measures happiness by. Happiness can be measured by material success but the financially wealthiest people on this planet all say that it is not the things that they have that makes them happy, it is something quite different.
Their happiness is unique to them.
Your happiness is unique to you.
My happiness is unique to me.

There is an area of research called positive psychology that has investigated the means to happiness and one set of global findings have concluded that happiness falls broadly into three groups, a) being comfortable with who we are b) relationships with family, friends and colleagues and c) being able to make a contribution. We all want to have a sense of purpose and meaning in life.
What is your purpose and meaning? What makes you happy?
Find it. Do it. Live it.
Be happy.

(Although writing makes me happy, I know I really should find some time to sleep as well! All this staying up into the middle of the night is really not the healthiest way to live ... I need to regain some balance to enjoy my happy state all the more. I’m off to sleep now. Hope you are happy!)

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