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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

An excerpt from a manual for love and life

I had a conversation with one of my sisters this evening. As we chatted about life and love in general we started to get to specifics, as you do. As the exchange of ideas continued she shared with me some advice that she had recently heard from another family member. They had also been talking about love and life; these seem to be popular combined topics lately.

Anyway, back to the advice ... my sister said she was told that, if one was considering entering into any kind of intimate contact with someone else, but at the same time not wanting to get hurt, then the wise thing to do was to “put a veil over your heart”.

When she said this to me we both chortled at the same time. Our laughter was for different reasons. As my sister went on to explain the advice she had heard was said as if as a means of protection. To me it seemed like the general consensus was that any potential friendship or relationship was fraught with real dangers akin to going onto a battlefield without the correct armour, and the veil to cover your heart was essential to protect against inevitable damage.

The final question that was asked of the original speaker was “what if your veil slips?”

What indeed happens if you are so busy protecting yourself against possible dangers on all sides that your defences fail and you become exposed ... to love and life.

What do you do then?

Do you cover your heart back up with the alacrity of a seasoned magician before anyone but yourself has noticed that you were exposed, or do you allow yourself to live life and adore love ... just for a refreshing change?

It really made me think about whether living behind a veil of emotions is a really a good way to live.

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