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Monday, 14 March 2011

My garden

It is spring time and the plants are beginning to grow again. It is wonderful to see the green shoots bursting above the ground. They are so strong and vibrant. Frequently, in the depth of winter, I forget that they exist. When the ground is hard or covered with snow the possibility of new life is hard to envisage. But a few weeks ago I was reminded that these plants, some of which I had transplanted from my father’s garden, are here to stay. They come up every year and they blossom without any intervention from me.

Now all I have to do is to keep the weeds at bay and water the plants regularly.

I have discovered that my garden is unique. Some plants thrive in there and others do not fare at all well. This is because of the soil that I have in the small area. When I first decided to put some plants in I had to do a lot of preparation work (some of it included paying someone else to do the work!). This friend came with all his rippling muscles and removed bricks, crockery, gravel and other household debris. Then he fed it and finally he planted in it.

Now, several years later, with repeated help from friends, I can just watch my plants grow.

My life is like my garden. It had been worked on and turned over and when it is thriving I can see so many things grow from it.

One thing I know is that, like the garden soil, my life cannot give what it has not got. I can’t produce carnations when my soil is only suitable for roses. I am remembering to allow myself to bring forward the best of myself and not try to be a vegetable patch if I am perfect for growing tulips.

How does your garden grow?

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