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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Where there's a will ...

... there’s a way. But there are also other things as well.
I’ve just signed my last will and testament. So now it is legal and binding. The two witnesses were solemn and professional in their duties and my will is sealed for after my death. That sounds sombre but it is necessary.
When you have specific requirements and you know that people don’t agree with your point of views in life, it is not unrealistic to believe that they will not agree with you when you are dead. Hence another good reason to make a will.
This is not the first will that I have made, however, it is a new will to respect my current situation, my family and my future desires for my family. My extended family have their views, but the law is the law so they have to adhere to the details of my will ... at least I’m hoping so. You often hear about people contesting wills, but my estate will not be worth much, my only value is in my son and what happens to him. So I have updated my will.
As I left the solicitors office I felt more emotional than I had on all previous occasions of will making. This is a serious matter and I really experienced that today. The details of this will have been in place for some months, but signing it has made it real.
I shook hands with my young and genial solicitor who assured me that this was the correct thing to do to avoid problems in the future.
“It’s just one of the facts of life that we have to deal with,” she said calmly.
I nodded because I had already explained my emotional state and didn’t feel able to add any more words to the conversation without coating them with tears. Walking back to the car park in the bright sunshine I held the copy of the will in my hand and exhaled.
Where there is a will ... there are emotions.

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