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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thoughtful surprise

I like writing and I like reading. No surprise there.

However, I did get a wonderful surprise today when the postman came.

I received a card from my friend who is in Italy at the moment.

It is so rare and yet so delightful to get handwritten post nowadays that I began to beam as soon as I saw the card on the mat. It was a beautiful image anyway, but I was excited to see who it was from.

I had forgotten that this particular friend had told me that she was going to be travelling for a short break so I did not anticipate any communication from her. As I flipped the card over and recognised her writing my heart smiled the words “beautiful ... it’s from my bestest friend” – we always call each other that. She effused her joy about all the things she was seeing and doing and then shared with me that she been fortunate enough to see the best thing ever – a monk rollerblading.

Now, that it a wonderful image created from the pen and mind of a great friend. I’m so glad that she wrote to me today. What a wonderful surprise and such a dying art.

I will hold it as another precious memory to celebrate this wonderful day.

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