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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Parents are superheroes – everyday

Parents are superheroes. This may sound like a rash statement but I have proof. The fact is that parents, like superheroes, do a lot of their special work independently, so their special powers are not broadcasted. Occasionally parents will work in groups, but this is only with other superheroes – unless they have to keep their powers hidden. So, there you have it, parents are superheroes.

Still not convinced? Well, to prove this theory further let me run through a list of the special abilities that parents and the superheroes you know have in common.

Superhuman strength (ability to lift cars off small children)

Extraordinary skills (ability to know when children have done something wrong even when they are in a different room)

Enhanced senses (gift to know when their child is hurt or sad)

Strong moral code of right and wrong (refusal to harm but willingness to consistently do good without reward or recognition)

Talent to keep the identity and powers secret from people

If you have recognised any of these powers in yourself – even if you are not a parent – then (here you have to get down on one knee while I place a sword on your shoulder. Ready? OK, let’s continue ...) I hereby dub you ... (insert your chosen name here) superhero extraordinaire. Welcome to the group.

Anyway, now that you are aware of those superpowers I have one small thing to mention. Superheroes rarely get time off. They are constantly on call until they have taught their charges how to develop their own powers. Only then do parent superheroes get take off the suit and assume an identity of a ‘regular’ human being. This is, I guess, the only point of the superheroes’ weakness, the need to have time off.

Apart from that small Achilles heel, parent superheroes are invincible!

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