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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Living love

Sometimes people in relatively comfortable situations complain about helping those who are not so fortunate: this is their right to complain. The age old saying goes up, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” as the wallets and the hearts close simultaneously.

On this year’s Comic Relief there is one appeal where actor David Tennant got so emotional that he was practically begging people to give money to help those who need help. Whenever I can I give to help others – and not just at these times of big campaigns – but the point he was making is that some people just watch the comedy and forget (neglect) to donate (watch this clip from 31:24 to see his encouragement to help).
There are those who don’t have anything to give, so obviously they can’t. But some raise money and give their time. At my son’s school today they are doing a charity run to raise money. People find a way of showing that they care; they help how they can.
A few weeks ago he said to me “Can I give my pocket money to Comic Relief?” Of course I said yes.

To me my son is a caring child that is living love.

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