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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


What does it feel like to be wounded?

I’m not talking about being physically wounded. This is not concerning the terrible invasion of your body by a knife or a bullet. This wound, which I am referring to, is an emotional wound, a wound that can exist in an unhealed state for longer than the flesh wound that bleeds, scars and repairs.

Because many people are emotionally conflicted we are also frequently emotionally wounded. In life there are things that happen to us that leave deep marks; signs of the trauma may remain around us or even in us for ages, we may carry the damage with us for life.

I guess the solution is to try and find some way of healing the emotional wound before it festers, becomes an uncontrollable infection and then kills us.

Because we generally live closed lives – we live our lives in secret, most emotional wounds are manifested when there is a conflict situation. This usually increases the pain instead of diminishing it.

My solution is to find a way of examining the emotional wound in a safe environment, an open environment. I do not plan to make a spectacle of myself but I do like the tremendous feeling of pleasure that is associated with the healing process.

It really works.

Emotional wounds can heal. Like the physical wounds, they take time, but with the correct recover plan it is possible to regain full emotional health.

Each person’s plan is individually tailored to their specific health issue so it is necessary to find what works for you.

I raise a glass to your good (emotional) health. Cheers!

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