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Monday, 28 March 2011

Slow motion

Have you ever been so tired that the day seems to move in slow motion? Well, what I really mean is that you move in slow motion and the day carries on at the normal speed that to your tired brain seems like a high speed train.

I had one of those days.

Even after I had ‘caught up’ on my sleep with a power nap I still felt as if I was wading through porridge with full scuba diving gear on; the flippers were especially hard to move. My legs felt like lead for most of the day. I’m sure my brain was sending the correct messages to all of my limbs but they just weren’t responding as I expected them to.

And then, a miracle happened! Hours after my 40 winks I was suddenly alert again. It was like being in a plane surrounded by fog and flying through it into bright sunshine; it was as if I had a sudden caffeine boost (but I’ve never had coffee so I’m only guessing here). I was, of course, pleased to feel in full control – at the correct speed – of my faculties. The only thing was ... it was nearing my bedtime! Ah, the vagaries of the body.

I think I’d best start treating my body better again because this pease pudding living is like constantly existing in slow motion – it’s definitely not for me.

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