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Friday, 29 July 2011

Chasing the dragon

© MHM Sept 2005 Mount Rainier, Washington, USA

Where do you go when you get to the top of a mountain? You always come back down. Fact.

Every high is followed by a descent. As soon as you peak you are faced with a decline: you’re on your way back down.

What does that mean for my life? Does that mean I have to ‘settle’ for second best? No! Most definitely not. But to me it does mean that I have to have a touch of realism in my pursuits. I will continue to reach for my dreams and achieve more miracles as I progress, however, I have chosen to remember that some things can cause more damage than happiness.

Being exceptional is wonderful. But chasing dragons all your life is not recommended. There is no life insurance available and the benefits are, at best, fleetingly temporary. Mediocrity is not appealing at first – especially in some things, but it has a lot going for it: best of all, a better quality and maybe, longer, life. With more time and life I get to pursue more dreams and spend time with those who matter most to me. That’s my perfection. That is my dream.

If I constantly chase the dragon I know that I may never catch it, but it may get me.

What I have also learnt is that dragons usually bite – fatally.

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