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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Positions please

If your life were a stage play and you were responsible for deciding which role each character in your life played, how would you cast them?

Is there a hero present? How about a damsel in distress? There is usually a protagonist - not far from the central action either - who will that be?

A person who holds a love interest will be skirting around the scenes somewhere, as will people without morals, complainers and those who like to be offensive.

Chatty friends are usually close at hand, mirrored by insincere people. And of course there are always those folk who are suspicious of everyone – you may even have the company of more than one of these in your life play. In the corner of your stage lurks the cowardly friend, they cannot venture to the centre of the stage because they are even afraid of their own thin shadows.

We mustn’t forget those people who are jealous of everything you achieve, or those who are only happy when they are controlling people and things around them. There are also trusted confidants, counsellors and those who are humble, honest, wise and brave.

Patient friends sit without a frown awaiting their time to be brave in your behalf: they don’t understand betrayal.

When all is said and done you have the choice about where to locate everyone for your own comfort and the smooth flow of the play.

What role will you choose to play yourself?

What role is a match for those around you today?

“Is this how you want the play to proceed?” The words are whispered into your ear through the headset – you realise you are the stage manager as well as an actor so you have to decide ... now.”

It’s time for curtains up! Positions please ...

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